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The London Property scene


With the UK seeing a collapse in property prices, the astute investor is casting an acquisitive eye over the London property market.  Many individuals and companies from the Middle East are considering new or additional investment in real estate in the UK capital.  Keep an eye on our Property Section where you will find details of estate agents specialising in this field and where, in future, we hope to be able to give details of upcoming property investment opportunities.

List of UK Travel agents approved by the Saudi Ministry of Hajj
United Kingdom travel agents approved to organise Hajj packages.
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Job Opportunities in Saudi Arabia
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Labelling luggage on Pilgrimage
Important Announcement on Labelling of Pilgrims' Luggage
From the Ministry of Hajj, 09/06/2008
to all Hajj Missions & Hajj Travel Agencies

For the 1429H Hajj Season

Assalamu Alikum Wa Rahmat Allah

Based on experience in past Hajj seasons, the Ministry of Hajj is well aware of the problems of lost luggage left behind by pilgrims on their departure from the Kingdom, often because of excess baggage charges.

Health Requirements Hajj 1429H
Riyadh, 25/05/2009

The Ministry of Health has issued health requirements to be met for Hajj and Umrah seasons of 1430 (2009) by pilgrims and Umrah performers.

SWINE FLU PRECAUTIONS: The recommendations promulgated by the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Health include:

- that the age of a pilgrim or an Umrah performer should not be over 65 years or less than 12 years

- that pilgrims suffering from chronic diseases such as heart disease, liver, kidney and complications of diabetes, obesity or any other diseases affecting the health and immunity should not perform Umrah or Hajj until the situation improves.



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