A song

I sing a sad song - -
sadder than the sunset's walk
in the city streets;
I feel grief in my blood
flowering from some hidden spring;
my friends, we die - -
we sail into the end
without pausing to say goodbye;
our dreams, our hopes, our loves
come to an end
like footprints in the sand
chewed by the desert.
I sing a happy song - -
happier than the sunrise
on another shore;
happier than the smile
a birthday-child smiles;
happier than a new kiss;
I feel a stubborn joy
conquering my blood;
my friends, we live - -
we live each instant
to its deepest cores, collect
its treasures, trifle with its secrets,
lave ourselves within its ecstasy.
Of death and life I shall
a happy/sad sad/happy song
sing . . .

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