Traditional Saudi dress/clothing


THOBE: The traditional clothing for men is the Thobe, a loose, long-sleeved, ankle-length garment. Thobes worn in summer are generally white and made of cotton. Thobes worn in winter are generally darker in color and made of wool.

TAGIYAH: The Tagiyah is a white knitted skull cap

GHUTRA: The Ghutra is a square scarf, made of cotton or silk, which is worn folded across the head over the Tagiyah. The end of the scarf can be draped across the face as protection in the event of sandstorms.

AGAL: The Agal is a thick, doubled, black cord which is worn on top of the Ghutra to hold it in place.


THOBE: Women wear the Thobe - a loose, long-sleeved, ankle-length garment, but, for women, the neck and front can be embroidered and decorated with beads.

ABAYA: The Abaya is a large, black cloak, worn either loose and flowing or wrapped around the body. The Abaya is generally made of silk or synthetic cloth.

BOSHIYA: The Boshiya is a black veil, light in weight, worn across the lower part of the face.

SURWAL: The Surwal are cotton or silk trousers worn by women under the Thobe.

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