City Area Codes: Q-Y

City Area Codes: Q-Y
City/Town Area Code
Qasim 06
Qatif 03
Qurayat 04
Shaqra 01
Sharoura 07
Skaka 04
Ras Tanura 03
Riyadh 01
Taif 02
Tabouk 04
Turaif 04
Unaizah 07
Yanbu 04

For information on Riyadh, Taif, Tabouk, Unaizah and Yanbu, click the name here.

For the address of the Chamber of Commerce in Riyadh, Taif, Tabouk and Yanbu, click the name here. Click here for the address of Riyadh Council of Saudi Chambers of Commerce.

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