Role of Women in Saudi Arabian Society (2)

Under Islam, a woman is enjoined to behave modestly in public and, as in the West until recently, is generally expected to give a full commitment to making a family home - a home within which, incidentally, she enjoys a pre-eminent role.

Such expectations are rather different from those now widely held of women in the West, just as the stability of family life and the security of women in Islamic society differs markedly from the conditions which women now face in Western society.

Although women in Saudi Arabia have a pre-eminent role within the family, it would be a mistake to think that the role of women in Saudi Arabian society is confined to home-making. The development of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has brought with it increasing opportunities for women in both education and employment. In 1960 (1379/80 AH), the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia undertook the introduction of a national education program for girls. By the mid-1970s (1390s AH), about half of all Saudi Arabian girls were attending school. Five years later, education was available to all Saudi girls.

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