The Arts: Introduction

The General Presidency of Youth Welfare is responsible for the plastic arts movement in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It prepares both an annual and a five year plan for the encouragement and development of the arts.

Within the Kingdom it organizes regular competitions and exhibitions. Abroad, it arranges exhibitions of Saudi Arabian art to provide Saudi artists with an international forum and to strengthen cultural ties with the host countries. The Presidency has organized exhibitions of Saudi Arabian art in the following Arab countries: Algeria, Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Tunisia and the United Arab Emirates. Outside the Arab world, the General Presidency of youth Welfare has organized exhibitions in India, Italy, Mexico, Sweden, Turkey, Germany and the United States of America (Source: General Presidency of Youth Welfare, 1988).

The Presidency is also an active participant in the Arab Youth Festivals and Exhibitions, the Kuwait Exhibition for Plastic Artists and other periodic exhibitions in Europe, Asia and India and takes part in the Biannual Arab Exhibition which is supervised by the Arab Plastic Artists Union.

Two other organizations play a key role in the artistic life of the Kingdom: The Saudi Arabian Society for Culture and Arts; and The King Fahd Cultural Center.

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Woven baskets, Najran Click to view high resolution version

Woven baskets, Najran

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