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While a major effort has been devoted to inter-city and in-city road-building, agricultural communities have not been neglected. Even isolated villages are now connected by road to the main road network, so that the Kingdom can now boast a fully integrated, modern, nation-wide network of roads.

The climate and the terrain of the Kingdom are inimical to road-building. Burning hot deserts and high mountain ranges, each pose different but equally challenging problems for contractors. Nowhere were these problems more intimidating than in the south west of the Kingdom, where mountain ranges soar to 3,000 meters. A series of projects, involving the construction of magnificent viaducts, has been undertaken so that even the more inaccessible parts of the Kingdom in this region may now be reached by road.

By the end of 2006, the Kingdom had 46,500 kilometers of asphalted road.

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Asphalted roads in Asir

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