Saudi Aramco: Its Role in the Kingdom

Saudi Aramco has concentrated on serving the communities in which it operates, as well as Saudi Arabia as a whole. The company has built 123 schools in the Eastern Province serving some 54,000 Saudi and other resident children. It helped develop the Eastern Province's electrical power grid and carried out other major infrastructure projects at the request of the Saudi Government.

Saudi Aramco is the single larges employer in Saudi Arabia outside the Government. The wages it pays and the goods and services it buys in the local market help fuel the regional and national economy. The company awards most of its contracts to fully Saudi-owned or joint-venture businesses. Saudi manufacturers and vendors have supplied nearly 90 percent of the material purchased by Saudi Aramco in recent years.

On the environmental front, Saudi Aramco closely monitors the effects of its operations on the ecological system of the Gulf and other areas of operation. It has developed a comprehensive plan for dealing with oil spills wherever they may occur. The company, which played an important role in containing the 1991 Gulf oil spill - the world's largest - employs the latest response technology and training methods.

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