Ministry of Water and Electricity

In July, 2001, it was announced that a new Ministry was to be established to take charge of the Kingdom's water affairs. The Ministry of Water embraces all water-related departments at what was the Ministry of Agriculture and Water (now the Ministry of Agriculture), the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and other government agencies which previously had responsibility for water. The Ministry of Water also has responsibility for water and sewage discharge affairs.

The Ministry is to prepare a comprehensive plan to establish water and sewage networks all over the Kingdom. It will also develop the country’s water policies and propose new regulations to preserve water.

The Ministry will conduct a study on water tariffs for all groups of beneficiaries and set out a plan to ensure effective collection of water revenues. It will also license digging of wells and determine their depths.

The Ministry will work out a suitable framework for private investment in the sector, covering financing, implementation, operation and maintenance of water projects.

In May, 2003, the formation of the Ministry of Water and Electricity was announced, bringing together these two vital aspects of the Kingdom's economy under one ministerial roof.

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