Basic Law: General Principles

Article 1:

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a sovereign Arab Islamic State.

Religion: Islam

Constitution: The Holy Qur'an and the Prophet's Sunnah (traditions)

Language: Arabic

Capital: Riyadh

Article 2:

Its national holidays:

- Eid Al-Fitr (a religious feast celebrated on the 1st of Shawal, the 10th month of the Islamic calendar)

- Eid Al-Ad-ha (a religious feast celebrated on the 10th of Dhul-Hijjah, the 12th month of the Islamic calendar)

- Calendar: Hijira (Lunar)

Article 3:

Its national flag:

- Green in color

- Width equal to two thirds of length

- Article of faith (translated as "There is no God but Allah, Muhammad is Allah's Messenger") inscribed in the center with a drawn sword underneath.

Article 4:

The State's emblem consists of two intersecting swords with a datepalm in the upper space between them. Both the national anthem and the decorations awarded by the State shall be determined by the law.

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