Rules Governing the Investigation and Trial of the Majlis Member

Article 1:

If a member of the Majlis betrays any of his duties, he shall be subject to one of the following penalties:

(a) A censure in writing.

(b) The deduction of one month's salary.

(c) The forfeiture of membership.

Article 2:

Investigation of a member of the Majlis shall be conducted by a committee consisting of three members of the Majlis nominated by the Chairman.

Article 3:

The committee shall inform the member of the violation ascribed to him. It shall hear his testimony and record his justification (defense) in the investigation minutes. The committee shall submit a report on the outcome of the investigation to the General Assembly.

Article 4:

The General Assembly of the Majlis shall form a committee consisting of its members, provided that none of them shall be the Chairman or the Vice Chairman of the Majlis to prosecute the member to whom the violation is ascribed. The committee shall have the right to impose the penalty of censure or salary deduction.

If the committee decides to strip him of membership, the matter shall be submitted to the Chairman to forward it to the King.

Article 5:

Imposition of any of the foregoing penalties shall not impede the filing of a public or private suit against the member.

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