Financial and Staffing Affairs of the Majlis al-Shoura

Article 1:

The fiscal year of the Majlis shall be the same fiscal year of the State.

Article 2:

The Chairman of the Majlis shall prepare the draft of the annual budget of the Majlis and shall present it to the King for approval.

Article 3:

Following approval, the budget shall be deposited with the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA). Expenditure of funds shall require the signature of the Chairman of the Majlis or the Vice Chairman.

Article 4:

If the amounts allocated in the budget are outstripped by the expenditures of the Majlis, or if an emergency outlay arises which could not have been foreseen while the budget was being prepared, the Chairman shall submit a statement of the needed amounts to the King for possible endorsement.

Article 5:

Titles and grades of the Majlis posts shall be included in its budget. Titles of posts may be amended and their grades scaled down during the fiscal year at the discretion of the Chairman.

Article 6:

The posts of Grades 14 and 15 shall be filled with the approval of the King. Other posts of the Majlis shall be filled in accordance with the Civil Service Law and by-laws and shall be exempted from the provisions of the competitive examination.

Article 7:

The General Assembly of the Majlis shall establish rules governing allowances of government officials and other individuals, other than the Majlis members, whose work with the Majlis may be needed.

Article 8:

The Majlis shall not be subject to control by any other authority. The Majlis administration shall include a department for pre-disbursement financial control. The General Assembly of the Majlis shall undertake post-disbursement control. The Majlis Chairman shall have the right to request a financial or administrative expert to prepare a report on any financial or administrative matter related to the Majlis.

Article 9:

At the end of the fiscal year, the general secretariat of the Majlis shall prepare the final accounts which the Majlis Chairman shall forward to the King for possible approval.

Article 10:

Without prejudice to the provisions of this by-law, the Majlis financial affairs and accounts shall be organized in accordance with the same rules observed in organizing the accounts of ministries and government services.

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