Rights and Duties of Majlis Members

Article 1:

Membership in the Majlis shall be established from the date of commencement of term as stated in article 13 of the Law of the Majlis. The substitute member's term shall commence from the date stated in the Royal Order of the member's nomination and shall end with the completion of the Majlis term. If the Majlis term ends prior to the formation of the new Majlis, the membership shall continue until the formation of the new Majlis, all except in the case of termination of membership.

Article 2:

The member of the Majlis shall receive during his term of membership, a monthly allowance of twenty thousand Saudi riyals. As for bonuses, compensations, benefits and vacations, the member shall be treated in accordance with the rules governing government officials of Grade 15. However, this shall not affect any pension salary to which the member may be entitled.

Article 3:

A full-time member, who had an official post with the government before his appointment to the Majlis, shall retain the same grade of that post. His Majlis membership term shall be added to his former period of service for the purpose of determining such matters as the regular bonus, promotion and retirement benefits to which he is entitled. A member shall pay, during his membership term, the pension deductions imposed on the salary of his original employment.

Members shall not be allowed to combine both the allowance and benefits assigned to members of the Majlis with the salary and benefits of his original post.

If the salary of his original post is greater than the membership allowance, the difference shall be paid by the Majlis.

If the post he was holding entitled him to greater benefits than the benefits assigned to membership, he shall continue to receive the former.

Article 4:

As an exception to article 2 hereof, the member of the Majlis shall be entitled to an annual regular vacation of 45 days. The Chairman shall determine its timing. On granting permission for vacations and leaves of absence to start, due consideration shall be given to the need not to allow that to affect the quorum necessary to the Majlis meetings.

Article 5:

The Majlis member shall be completely impartial and objective in all activities he may exercise inside the Majlis. He shall not raise any matter before the Majlis that may serve a private interest or that may conflict with public interest.

Article 6:

The Majlis member shall regularly attend the meetings of the Majlis and its committees. The member who is obliged to absent himself from any meeting shall notify in writing the Chairman of the Majlis of the head of the committee.

The member shall not be allowed to leave Majlis or committee meetings prior to their adjournment except upon permission by the Chairman of the Majlis or the head of the committee, as the case may be.

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