Article 21:

The Majlis shall appoint, from among its members, at the start of its term, the specialized committees required for the implementation of its functions.

Article 22:

Each specialized committee shall consist of a number of members as specified by the Majlis provided that such number may not be less than five. The Majlis shall choose these members and nominate the head of the committee and his deputy with due regard to the member's line of specialization and the requirements of the committees. It may set up ad hoc committees from among its members. In turn each committee may set up one ad hoc sub-committee or more from among its members.

Article 23:

The Majlis shall have the right to re-form its specialized committees, or form new ones.

Article 24:

A committee head runs the activity of his own committee and represents it at the Majlis. His deputy takes over in his absence. If both the committee head and his deputy are absent the eldest member of the committee takes charge.

Article 25:

The committee shall meet at the invitation of its head, the Majlis, of the Chairman of the Majlis.

Article 26:

Committee meetings shall not be held in public and shall not be considered valid except when a minimum of two thirds of the members are present.

Article 27:

Committees shall consider matters referred to them by the Majlis or the Majlis Chairman. If a matter is of concern to more than one committee, the Chairman of the Majlis shall decide which of them is more entitled to deal with the said matter, or shall refer it to a committee consisting of members from among all committees concerned. The said committee shall hold meetings under the chairmanship of the Chairman of the Majlis or the Vice Chairman.

Article 28:

Each member of the Majlis may proffer his opinion on any subject referred to any committee, even if he is not a member thereof, provided that the said opinion is submitted in writing to the Chairman of the Majlis.

Article 29:

Minutes shall be drawn up for each committee meeting, and shall indicate the date and venue of the meeting, the names of those members present and absent, a summary of debates and the text of recommendations. The minutes shall be signed by the chairman of the meeting and members present.

Article 30:

Upon consideration of a given matter by the committee, a report shall be filed detailing the essentials of the referred subject, the committee's point of view and its recommendations relative to it, the fundamentals on which such recommendations are based and the opinion of the minority, if any.

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