Article 12:

The Majlis shall hold at least one ordinary session every two weeks. The date and time of the session shall be decided by the Chairman who shall have the right to advance or set back the time of the session if necessary.

Article 13:

The agenda shall be distributed to the members prior to the sessions. Reports and other documents, deemed by the General Assembly to be related to the subjects on the agenda, shall be attached thereto.

Article 14:

A member of the Majlis shall study the agenda at the Majlis headquarters. Under no circumstance shall he take away with him outside the Majlis building any papers, laws or documents relating to his work.

Article 15:

A member who may wish to speak during the sessions shall put his request in writing. Requests to speak shall be listed in order of submission.

Article 16:

The Chairman shall give permission to speak to those who have requested to do so, taking into account the sequence of their requests and their relevance to a fruitful debate.

Article 17:

A member may not speak for more than ten minutes on any one subject, except upon permission from the Chairman. A speaker may address himself to no one other than the Chairman. Only the Chairman may interrupt the speaker.

Article 18:

The Majlis may decide to postpone the debate or reconsider a subject. The Chairman may suspend the session for a period not exceeding one hour.

Article 19:

Each session shall have its own minutes which make a note of the venue and date of the session, opening and closing times, name of Chairman, number of present and absent members, and the cause of absence, if any. They shall also include a summary of debates, the number of affirmative and negative votes, voting results, text of resolutions, session's adjournment or suspension and any other matters which the Chairman may decide to put on record.

Article 20:

The Chairman and the Secretary-General or whoever may deputize for them, shall sign the minutes after reading them out to the Majlis. All members shall have access to the minutes.

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