General Assembly of the Majlis

Article 8:

The General Assembly of the Majlis shall consist of the Chairman, the Vice Chairman and the heads of specialized committees of the Majlis.

Article 9:

The meetings of the General Assembly shall not be considered valid unless attended by at least two thirds of its members. Resolutions shall be passed by approval of the majority present, and in case of a tie vote, the Chairman of the meeting shall have the casting vote.

Article 10:

For each meeting of the General Assembly minutes shall be drawn up listing the date and place of the meeting, names of present and absent members, a summary of debates and the texts of recommendations. The minutes shall be signed by the Chairman and the participating members.

Article 11:

The General Assembly shall have the following functions:

(a) To draw up a general plan for the Majlis and its committees in order to help it discharge its duties and realize its objectives.

(b) To prepare agendas for Majlis meetings.

(c) To decide on objections to the contents of minutes of the meeting, or balloting results, or separation of votes, or any other objections which may be raised during the meetings. Its decision in this regard shall be final.

(d) To issue the necessary rules needed to organize the activities of the Majlis and its committees in a manner that shall not conflict with the Majlis Law and its by-laws.

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