Terms of Reference of the Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Sec. Gen.

Article 1:

The Chairman shall supervise the entire activities of the Majlis, represent it in its relations with other authorities and act as its spokesman.

Article 2:

The Chairman shall chair the Majlis sessions and the meetings of its General assembly as well as the committee meetings he attends.

Article 3:

The Chairman declares the sessions open and declares them closed. He manages and participates in debates, gives permission to speak, determines the topic of the discussion, draws the speaker's attention to the need to bind himself to the subject and time limits, terminates the discussion and puts the subjects to the vote. He shall take whatever action he deems appropriate to keep order during the sessions.

Article 4:

The Chairman may call the Majlis, or the General Assembly, or any other committee to hold an emergency session to discuss any given matter.

Article 5:

The Vice Chairman shall give assistance to the Chairman when he is available, and shall deputize for him in his absence.

Article 6:

The Vice Chairman shall chair the Majlis sessions and the meetings of the General Assembly in the absence of the Chairman. If both are absent the chairmanship shall be taken up by whomever the King may choose. The one thus designated shall enjoy, in respect to sessions management, the same powers vested in the Chairman.

Article 7:

The Secretary-General, or whoever may deputize for him, shall attend the sessions of the Majlis and meetings of the General Assembly, supervise the details of the minutes of meetings, notify members of the timetable of sessions and agendas, in addition to any other duties assigned to him by the Majlis, the General Assembly or the Chairman.

He shall answer to the Chairman for the financial and administrative affairs of the Majlis.

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