Council of Ministers: Organizational Affairs

Article 20:

With due regard to the provisions of the Majlis Al-Shoura Laws, treaties, International agreements, concessions and other laws shall be issued and amended by Royal Decrees after being discussed by the Council of Ministers.

Article 21:

The Council of Ministers shall study the draft laws and by-laws referred to it, shall vote thereon article by article and shall subsequently put them to the vote as a whole in accordance with the procedures laid down in the Council's internal by-laws.

Article 22:

Every minister shall have the right to propose a draft law or by-law related to the activities of his ministry. Likewise, and with the approval of the Prime Minister, every minister shall have the right to propose anything that he deems should be discussed by the Council.

Article 23:

All Royal Decrees shall be published in the official gazette and shall come into effect as from the date of publication unless another date is specified.

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