Teachings of Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab

Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab did not found a new sect. His travels through the Arab lands which then formed part of the Ottoman Empire revealed to him diverse deviations from the true Islamic faith. His purpose was to strip away those deviations and to re-establish Islam in its pure form.

No one could be better qualified than King Abdul Aziz (Ibn Saud) to explain the true significance and meaning of the teachings of Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab. In a speech delivered by His Majesty King Abdul Aziz (Ibn Saud) in Makkah, at the Royal Palace on May 11, 1929, the King said that:

"They call us the "Wahhabis" and they call our creed a "Wahhabi" one as if it were a special one... and this is an extremely erroneous allegation that has arisen from the false propaganda launched by those who had ill feelings as well as ill intentions towards the movement. We are not proclaiming a new creed or a new dogma. Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab did not come with anything new. Our creed is the creed of those good people who preceded us and which came in the Book of God (the Qur'an) as well as that of his Messenger (the prophet Muhammad, prayer and peace be upon him).

"This is the teaching of Sheikh al-Islam Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab, and it is our creed. It is a creed built on the oneness of the Almighty God, totally for His sake, and it is divorced from any ills or false innovation."

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