King Fahd: Major Events (3)

1982: Proclaimed fifth King of Saudi Arabia on 13th June, succeeding King Khalid

1982: League of Arab States unanimously adopted King Fahd's Eight-Point Peace Plan to resolve the Arab/Israeli conflict

1985: Announced the Kingdom's fourth Five-Year Plan

1986: Inaugurated the King Fahd Causeway, linking Saudi Arabia to Bahrain

1987: Hosted the eighth summit of the Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) in Riyadh

1987: Made state visits to Britain and France

1988: Signed Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty

1988: Initiated diplomatic efforts to end the Iraq/Iran war

1988: Attended the extraordinary meeting of the League of Arab States summit in Algeria

1989: Hosted Lebanese leaders in Taif, Saudi Arabia, for the signing of the national reconciliation accord

1989: State visit to Egypt

1989: Attended League of Arab States summit in Morocco

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