Tabouk lies in the north west of the Kingdom. The Tabouk region stretches north to Halat Ammar and Bir Bin Hammas; south to Omluj; east to Taima and Markaz; and west to the Red Sea.

Standing high above sea level, the town of Tabouk enjoys an equitable climate. Tabouk has enjoyed the benefits of a comprehensive development program, energetically implemented.

Tabouk is a town of great antiquity. In 500 B.C. Tabouk (then known as Taboo) was, with Al-Ola, the capital of Al-Ayaneyean. Tabouk is rich in historic monuments dating from before and after the time of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. Today, it happily combines an egregious past with the benefits of modern development.

Below you can see a selection of pictures from Tabouk.

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"Ya Rubb" Square in Tabouk Click to view high resolution version

"Ya Rubb" Square in Tabouk

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