Qatif is an oasis city located in the north eastern part of the Kingdom, lying along the coast of the Arabian Gulf, some 20 kilometers north of Dammam. Qatif is the centre of the most important agricultural and fishing areas of the Kingdom. The soil in the region is rich and Qatif itself is surrounded by an abundance of palm trees.

Qatif's inhabitants are mainly farmers, fishermen, and those engaged in some aspect of the oil industry.

The city is well supplied with educational and healthcare facilities. There are a number of schools and health centres, a 300-bed general hospital and a smaller specialist hospital.

In addition to its involvement in the oil industry and commerce, the Qatif region has a thriving agricultural sector, producing a wide range of crops, including dates, cereals, vegetables, fruit and poultry. Qatif is also the main supplier of fish to the Eastern region.

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