Najran lies in the south-west of the Kingdom. It is bounded by Yemen to the south; Al-Silayel and Wadi Al-Dawasir to the north; Dhahran Al-Janoub and the Asir region to the west; and Oman in the east.

Although Najran has a desert climate, the heavy monsoon rains that fall in the spring, combined with its underground water reserves, produce fertile agricultural land.

Originally Najran was a small trading town known as Abul Saud. In 1965, New Najran was established. The new town was provided by the Government with educational, health and civil defense facilities.

Of particular note has been the large scale tree-planting program, creating parks in Najran itself and in the surrounding villages.

Najran also boasts the largest water dam in the Kingdom, the Najran Valley Dam, with a storage capacity of 85 million cubic meters (3,000 million cubic feet).

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Old Emirate Building, Najran Click to view high resolution version

Old Emirate Building, Najran

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