Jizan, or more properly Jazan, was known in ancient times as Almikhlaf Alsulimani.

Jizan lies on the Red Sea, in the south-west of the Kingdom.

Jizan area consists of fertile plains, forests and mountains. The fertile plains, which extend behind the coastal swampland, have been created by the alluvial deposits brought down from the mountains by river and flood. The forest region (the Alhazoun district), which is also subject to flooding, consists of forest interspersed with some areas of rich pasture. The mountain region is part of the Alsarawat mountain range which constitutes the jagged backbone of the Arabian peninsula. The highest peak in Jizan is the Fifa Mountain which rises 11,000 feet.

Jizan is one of the Kingdom's richest agricultural regions, remarkable for both the quality and variety of its agricultural produce. It is notable for its production of coffee beans, grain crops (barley, millet and wheat) and fruit (apples, bananas, grapes, lemons, mangoes, oranges, papayas, plums and tamarinds).

The Jizan region runs along the Red Sea coast for almost 200 miles (300 km) and includes some 100 islands.

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Agriculture in Jizan

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