Buraidah, the twin city of Unaizah, lies in the Qasim region in the heart of the Arabian peninsula. Buraidah lies equidistant from the Red Sea to the west and the Arabian Gulf to the east.

Buraidah, the regional capital of Qasim, is located on the edge of the Wadi Al-Rummah. The Wadi Al-Rummah is the longest wadi in the Kingdom, stretching some 370 miles (600 kms) from near Madinah to the Al-Thuwairat sands.

Buraidah has a typical desert climate, with hot summers, cold winters and low humidity.

As part of the Kingdom's agricultural development program, the region of Buraidah has made an outstanding contribution to the Kingdom's wheat production. It played a crucial role in enabling the Kingdom to become not only self-sufficient in wheat but a major exporter of the cereal.

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