In 1995, new legislation was enacted to regulate the declaration and management of protected areas. In the same year 100 reem gazelle, 31 Arabian oryx and 25 idmi gazelle from the 'Uruq Bani Ma'arid Protected Area were re-introduced.

In the Mahazat as-Sayd reserve, where houbara have been re-introduced, the animals were observed to be exhibiting natural behavior and have begun to breed. Two nests and a female chick were recorded.

Sixty births were recorded among the Arabian oryx herds in Mahazat as-Sayd, bringing the population to 263 animals by the end of 1995. The Reserve contains scattered herds of reem gazelle, estimated at 772 animals, and nine red-necked ostriches which have been released into the Reserve on an experimental basis.

The Ibex reserve, another protected area with diverse flora and fauna, holds 200 idmi gazelle and more than 250 Nubian ibex.

Preparations were continued in the Majami' al-Hadb protected area to make it ready to receive 75 idmi gazelles as a nucleus for re-introduction, and plans were made at the sites in At-Taysiyah and Al-Jandaliyah for the release of houbara bustards.

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