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Market Information Resource

The Information Resource is an indispensable aid to all those engaged in business in the Kingdom. Enhanced entries provide details of products/services offered and full contact information.
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SAMIRAD, the Saudi Arabian Market Information Resource.

Designed to help those who wish to do business in or with Saudi Arabia. Last updated 1st June 2010.

  • The advertising sections enable advertisers to promote their products/services on the premier Saudi Arabian website.
  • The current news section helps to keep everyone engaged in business in or with Saudi Arabia informed of the latest events relating to Saudi Arabia and provides instant links to what the Western media are saying about Saudi Arabia.
Advertising, consultancies, market research and public relations companies in Saudi Arabia Airlines, car hire, hotels, travel agents in Saudi Arabia
Jewellery, Leather, luggage, perfume, watch dealers in Saudi Arabia Providers of Hajj Services
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