Latest News January 2015

28th January 2015President Obama defends ties with Saudi Arabia
28th January 2015Members of Saudi king's entourage snub Michelle Obama
28th January 2015Are the ties that bind Saudi Arabia and the West unravelling?
27th January 2015First beheading in the reign of King Salman
27th January 2015President Obama appreciates the Kingdom's challenges
26th January 2015Saudi Arabia resurgent?
25th January 2015UK Ministry of Justice bids for Saudi contract
25th January 2015Warning of troubled times in Saudi Arabia
24th January 2015President Obama to pay respects on death of King Abdullah
24th January 2015King Salman promises continuity and stability
23rd January 2015Prince Chales to attend King Abdullah's funeral
23rd January 2015The succession in the Kingdom at a time of turmoil
23rd January 2015King Abdullah dies; Crown Prince becomes King
21st January 2015Iran and Saudi Arabia: time for "straight talks"
21st January 2015Saudi Arabia's ambivalent morality
20th January 2015Saudi Arabia beheads woman protesting her innocence
20th January 2015More pressure on Saudi Arabia over Badawi case
20th January 2015IS militants threaten to murder two Japanese
19th January 2015Cameron criticises Muslim Council of Britain
18th January 2015Saudi/US relations under review
18th January 2015Pressure builds over Badawi case
15th January 2015UN focuses on plight of refugees in Jordan
15th January 2015Saudi Arabia accused of hijacking Islam
15th January 2015Saudi government described as "barbaric and brutal"
14th January 2015Saudi Arabai's defensive wall
12th January 2015UK ponders risk of Paris-type attack
12th January 2015Saudi cleric bans snowmen
12th January 2015"Global outrage" at treatment of Raif Badawi
9th January 2015Raif Badawi publicly flogged
9th January 2015Economist review of the challenges facing Saudi Arabia
8th January 2015Most Arab voices condemn Paris terrorist attack
8th January 2015Saudi Arabia condemns Paris terrorist attack
7th January 2015Iran 's anger at Saudi oil policy
7th January 2015Oil price volatile on rumours about Saudi king's health
6th January 2015Saudi Airlines denies sex segregation plan
6th January 2015Seven die is Saudi/Iraq border clash
5th January 2015Two Saudi border guards killed
5th January 2015Israeli press speculates about Saudi succession
4th January 2015Segregation of the sexes on Saudi airlines rumoured
3rd January 2015King Abdullah hospitalised
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