Latest News July 2015

29th July 2015PKK accuses Turkey of using IS as cover to attack Kurds
29th July 2015Saudi royals uneasy about French female police
29th July 2015Saudi trained Yemenis take initiative in Yemen
28th July 2015Saudi king backs all Turkish military action
28th July 2015Harder times for Saudi millionaires
27th July 2015Trouble rumbles on over Saudi King's holiday
27th July 2015Houthi rebels ignore Saudi truce
26th July 2015Saudi Arabia calls 5-day time out in Yemen
25th July 2015Questions over Saudi/Egyptian relations
25th July 2015Saudis to reopen Aden airport
25th July 2015Turkey bombs IS and Kurds fighting IS
24th July 2015Saudi Arabia could have a $130 billion deficit this year
24th July 2015King Salman hits the French Riviera
24th July 2015Are Saudi-led coalition forces active in Yemen
23rd July 2015Iran executes almost 700 people in six months
23rd July 2015Overview of the oil market
23rd July 2015British personnel assist Saudi-led coalition in Yemen
23rd July 2015US will helpt to contain Iran's regional ambitions
22nd July 2015Muhsin al-Fadhli reported killed in US airstrike
22nd July 2015Saudi backed Yemen fighters contest Aden
22nd July 2015British troops train "moderate Syrian rebels"
22nd July 2015Saudi TV drama features Saudi women in US
20th July 2015US attempts to ease Israeli concerns over Iran nuclear deal
20th July 2015Saudi royal family exclude public from Riviera beach
20th July 2015Saudi authorities arrest hundreds of ISIS suspects
17th July 2015Prince Saud Al Faisal praised by President Obama
17th July 2015Car bomb explodes in Riyadh
16th July 2015Obama says 99% of the world supports the Iran nuclear deal
16th July 2015Saudi Arabia "disappointed" at Iran nuclear deal
16th July 2015Saudi Arabia "obsessed with Iran and Shia Islam"
16th July 2015US Congress criticised Thatcher for Al Yamama arms deal
15th July 2015Video suggest Israeli soldiers shot youth in the back
15th July 2015The rise of Prince Mohammad bin Salman
15th July 2015Saudi Arabia and Israel oppose Iran nuclear deal
14th July 2015Saudi computer enters top ten
14th July 2015Saudi Arabia needs its solar energy
14th July 2015The economics of extracting oil
14th July 2015Saudi Arabia determined to dominate the oil market
13th July 2015Saudi Prince Saud al-Faisal dies
13th July 2015Cabinet reshuffle in Saudi Arabia
13th July 2015Oil price fall hits Saudi finances
13th July 2015Saudi-led coalition bombs Yemen despite UN "truce"
8th July 2015Iran nuclear negotiations continue beyond deadline
8th July 2015Iran and Saudi Arabia unlikely to agree on oil policy
8th July 2015Thee Saudi brothers arrested for Kuwait mosque atrocity
8th July 2015Jihadis win in Yemen
6th July 2015Iran nuclear talks in the balance
6th July 2015Saudi Arabia insulated against Greek Eurozone crisis
6th July 2015Threats to Saudi security at home
5th July 2015IS murders at Palmyra
5th July 2015Growth in non-oil sector of Saudi economy slows
5th July 2015SABIC joint venture with Korean petrochemical company
4th July 2015Isis fires rockets into Israel
4th July 2015Pakistani commentator jailed in Saudi Arabia
4th July 2015Saudi troops and Houthi rebels exchange shells
3rd July 2015Iran blasts Saudi Arabia with media campaign over Yemen
3rd July 2015Eight Saudi airstrikes in Yemen kill 54 civilians
3rd July 2015UK holds minute silence for Tunisia victims
2nd July 2015Putin and King Salman exchange invitations
2nd July 2015Saudi oil policy has undermined US Shale industry
2nd July 2015Prince Al Waleed bin Talal gives £20 billion to charity
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