Latest News April 2014

21st April 2014Five sentenced to death for terror campaign
21st April 2014Saudi Arabia confirms 20 new cases of MERS
19th April 2014Saudi Arabia to have world's tallest building
18th April 2014Saudi activist sentenced to 15 years in prison
17th April 2014MERS Saudi death toll stands at 71
17th April 2014US "demanded removal of Prince Sultan"
16th April 2014Prince Bandar steps down from Intelligence Chief post
15th April 2014MERS death toll reaches 68 in Saudi Arabia
14th April 201413 jailed for offences against the state
12th April 2014The odd history of the founding of today's Israel
12th April 2014Penguin dance sweeps Saudi Arabia
11th April 2014King Abdullah nudges social reforms forward
11th April 2014The case for a debate about religious tolerance in Saudi Arabia
7th April 2014325,000 year old elephant tusk found in Saudi Arabia
7th April 2014Construction of Riyadh's Metro system begins
3rd April 2014Some 9.5 million Syrians have fled their homes in the civil war
3rd April 2014Saudi Arabia declares atheists are terrorists
3rd April 2014Faris al-Zahrani sentenced to death by Saudi court
2nd April 2014Saudi Arabia criminalises atheism
1st April 2014Saudi parody of "first kiss" Youtube film takes off
1st April 2014Al Qaeda claims Saudi Arabia is under US control
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