Latest News July 2014

23rd July 2014UN believes Israel may have committed war crimes
23rd July 2014Saudi Arabia and Qatar seek solution to Israel's war on the Gaza strip
23rd July 2014Saudi stock market to open to foreign investors
19th July 2014Saudi concern over Imams who fail to condemn Al Qaeda
17th July 2014Assad sworn in for third term in Syria
17th July 2014Saudi Arabia bolsters security on northern border
16th July 2014Israel resumes airstrikes on Gaza
16th July 2014Extortion plot against Saudi citizen foiled
16th July 2014Education problems in Saudi Arabia
15th July 2014Saudi Arabia's attitude to ISIS
15th July 201485% of detainees in Saudi public security prisons are Saudis
15th July 2014Saudi king order $50 million for Red Crescent in Gaza
9th July 2014Palestinians die in Israel/Hamas conflict
9th July 2014UK SFO makes arrests for alleged corrupt practices in Saudi Arabia
9th July 2014Saudi Arabia denies it has supported ISIS
8th July 2014US expresses concern over Saudi Arabia human rights record
8th July 2014Mortars hit within Saudi Arabia's northern border
7th July 2014Saudi Arabia bolsters its defences
7th July 2014Saudi political activist given 15 years prison sentence
6th July 2014Saudi Arabia in Jihadist sandwich
5th July 2014United States produces more oil than Saudi Arabia
5th July 2014Bombers blow themselves up in Saudi intelligence compound
4th July 2014ISIS executes officials and soldiers who refuse loyalty oath
4th July 2014Threat of 'invisible' bombs
4th July 2014Saudi Arabia strengthens its norther border
2nd July 2014Leader of Isis call on Muslims to build new Islamic state
2nd July 2014Iraq crisis boosts Saudi oil revenues
2nd July 2014Saudi Arabia gives $500 million to help uprooted Iraqis
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