Latest News June 2016

24th June 2016Gloomy assessment of Saudi Arabia's national plan
23rd June 2016WHO suggests misdiagnosis led to MERS deaths
23rd June 2016Comparison of Saudi Arabia and Venezuela
23rd June 2016Saudi Arabia might resume oil swing producer role
20th June 2016Saudi Arabia and Iran push oil prices higher
20th June 2016Rumours about the health of the Saudi Crown Prince
18th June 2016Prince Mohammed bin Salman's visit to United States
18th June 2016No new evidence in redacted section of 9/11 report
17th June 2016Saudi/US relations at low ebb
17th June 2016Saudi Arabia's war in Yemen in question
15th June 2016Saudi Arabia condemns Orlando killings
15th June 2016Orlando killer visited Saudi Arabia twice in consecutive years
13th June 2016Saudi Arabia invites bids for two solar projects
13th June 2016CIA report absolves Saudi Government of any 9/11 blame
11th June 2016Saudi/UN relations hit new
8th June 2016Saudi Arabia's plans to slim down the public sector
8th June 2016Controversy over child deaths in Yemen
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