Latest News April 2016

25th April 2016Arrest of Saudi scholar angers religious conservatives
25th April 2016Saudi Vision 2030
24th April 2016Saudi family counsellor illustrates Islamic problem with women's equality
21st April 2016UK's Labour party argues for Saudi arms ban
21st April 2016Saudi/US relations: a failing marriage?
19th April 2016Prince Muhammad bin Salman determines Saudi oil policy
19th April 2016US and Saudi Arabia's interests misaligned
16th April 2016Tensions rise between Saudi Arabia and the United States
15th April 2016Saudi Arabia and South Africa in covert arms manufacturing deal
15th April 2016Saudi $681 million "a genuine donation" for Malaysian PM
14th April 2016Saudi Arabia issues new instructions to Mutawas
14th April 2016US Senate expresses concern over Saudi actions in Yemen
14th April 2016Lawyers express concern about possible indiscriminate bombing in Yemen
13th April 2016Saudi Arabia seeks to forge Saudi/Turkish key alliance
13th April 2016Saudi Arabia does not plan to cut oil production
9th April 2016All telecom employees must be Saudi before year end
9th April 2016Saudi Arabia has announced plans for a bridge across the Red Sea
8th April 2016Plausibility of Saudi $2 trillion sovereign fund questioned
8th April 2016Saudi special forces in action
7th April 2016Saudi economy under pressure
7th April 2016US bomb used by Saudi-led coalition to kill 97 in Yemen
5th April 2016What a low oil price means for Saudi Arabia
5th April 2016Saudi Arabia and Lebanon parting company
4th April 2016Saudi Arabia reviews subsidies and tax policy
4th April 2016Saudi Arabia balances relations with India and Pakistan
3rd April 2016American hypocrisy?
3rd April 2016Saudi Arabia's rate of executions increases
3rd April 2016Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund (PIF)
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