Latest News November 2015

26th November 2015Artist sentenced to death for atheism
26th November 2015Saudi authorities will sue if the Kingdom is likened to ISIS
26th November 2015Storms over parts of the Arabian peninsula
25th November 2015Water resources in Saudi Arabia
25th November 2015Lord Ashdown calls for UK pressure on Saudi Arabia
25th November 2015Houthi rebels are Saudi priority, not ISIS
24th November 2015Saudi Salafist influence radicalised Muslims in Belgium
24th November 2015Saudi Arabia has enough reserves to weather oil price fall
23rd November 2015Saudi oil policy raises critical options
23rd November 2015Saudi Arabia attempts to unify anti-Assad opposition
23rd November 2015Saudi courts take the hardest line
21st November 2015ISIS is the child and sibling of Saudi Arabia
21st November 2015Iran is not Saudi Arabia's biggest problem
21st November 2015Saudi court sentences poet to death
20th November 2015Saudi Arabia and Iran are responsible for Muslim militancy
20th November 2015Saudi Arabia is eating into Russian oil sales in Europe
20th November 2015Concerns in the oil market
20th November 2015Saudi Arabia to host Syrian opposition groups
16th November 2015Divergence of policy between Saudi Arabia and the West
14th November 2015128 murdered by gunmen in Paris
14th November 2015Saudi Arabian moves to alter concept of human rights
14th November 2015Attempt to smuggle beer into Saudi Arabia foiled
13th November 2015Saudi Arabia reviews energy subsidies
13th November 2015Saudi Arabia entangled in Yemen war
13th November 2015Jihadi John reported killed in drone strike
11th November 2015Damning evidence of Saudi war crimes in Yemen
10th November 2015Saudi woman appointed to senior diplomatic post
10th November 2015Saudi Arabia thinks the oil price will rise
10th November 2015Saudi Arabia takes first dip into bond markets
8th November 2015Use of the drug Captagon in the Middle East
8th November 2015Saudi Arabia bans 50 names
8th November 2015UK seeks billion £ arms deal ith Saudi Arabia
6th November 2015Criticism of US role in Saudi war on Yemen
6th November 2015Saudi Arabia seeks to hold on to European oil market
6th November 2015Conflicting concepts of human rights
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