Latest News October 2014

21st October 2014Renewed fighting over Kobane
21st October 2014Roots of Saudi/Iranian emnity
20th October 2014Turkey gives its Kurds go-ahead to fight IS in Kobane
20th October 2014Violence in Yemen threatens regional stability
20th October 2014A political dimension to Saudi executions?
19th October 2014Despair in Iraq
19th October 2014Will lower oil prices sustain higher Saudi social spending
19th October 2014Execution of Shiite cleric would deepen sectarian discord
18th October 2014ISIS could soon have trained fighter pilots
18th October 2014Saudi death sentence on Shia cleric
13th October 2014Syria accuses Saudi Arabia of supplying terrorists with WMD
13th October 2014Saudi Arabia seeks fixed oil contracts in Europe
9th October 2014Saudi Arabia cuts the oil price
9th October 2014IS closes in on Kobani
8th October 2014US Vice President apologises to Saudi Arabia
8th October 2014Kurds launch counter attack against IS
7th October 2014Saudi clerics speak out against ISIS
7th October 2014Saudi tweeters blame "Wahhabism" for ISIS
7th October 2014US Vice President on Mid-East apology tour
7th October 2014Obama plan to contain ISIS failing
6th October 2014Criticism of Saudi practice of beheading
6th October 2014ICC asks Saudi Arabia to arrest Sudanese President
5th October 2014Sweden to recognise the Palestinian state
5th October 2014Saudi Arabia fears Iranian influence in Yemen
5th October 2014"Saudi Arabia is threatened by the monster it created"
4th October 2014Saudi Mufti calls for iron hand against extremisits
3rd October 2014Saudi Arabia displays its anti-terror acrobatics
3rd October 2014The Hajj and concerns about Ebola
3rd October 2014The thinking behind Saudi oil policy
1st October 2014Oil market set to recover
1st October 2014The reshaping of Makkah
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