Latest News December 2014

16th December 2014Saudi activist to be detained for another 25 days
16th December 2014Saudi cleric denies veli is manadatory for women
16th December 2014Dozens of school children die in Taliban attack
15th December 2014Saudi security officer killed in hostage shoot out
13th December 2014Saudi Arabia and oil
12th December 2014Oil price could be heading for $50 a barrel
11th December 2014Jihadists kill 5,000 in November
11th December 2014No cut back in Saudi oil production
11th December 2014Diversification is urgent for Saudi Arabia
10th December 2014West agrees to take more Syrian refugees
10th December 2014Ethiopian woman beheaded for murder of child
10th December 2014Argument with Israeli troops ends with death of Palestinian minister
9th December 2014Amnesty International accuses Israel of war crimes
9th December 2014Two Saudi women drivers still detained
9th December 2014Saudi Arabia refuses to up the oil price
8th December 2014EU urges Turkey to commit to fight against IS
8th December 2014Women held for breaching driving ban
8th December 2014135 arrests in Saudi Arabia
6th December 2014British born US hostage killed in Yemen
6th December 2014Saudi Arabia censors online activity
6th December 2014Saudi Arabia is changing
6th December 2014Saudi engages in oil price war
4th December 2014IS sets up training camps in Libya
4th December 2014Success of Houthi in Yemen leads to cut in Saudi aid
4th December 2014Saudi Arabia suggests $60 a barrel as stable price point
3rd December 2014IS prospects in Saudi Arabia
3rd December 2014Saudi woman who defies driving ban arrested
3rd December 2014Saudi Arabia uses the oil weapon
2nd December 2014WFP suspends Syrian refugee food aid
2nd December 2014IS supporters shot Dane in Riyadh
1st December 2014Rampant corruption in the Iraqi army
1st December 2014Saudi Arabia tightens rules on corporate governance
1st December 2014392 arrested in Saudi Arabiaon on drugs offences in 2 months
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