Latest News May 2016

18th May 2016Saudi Arabia insists Bashar Al Assad must be deposed
17th May 2016US in $117 billion debt to Saudi Arabia
17th May 2016Saudi Arabia a goldmine for consultancies
16th May 2016Mixed response to Saudi expansion and diversification plans
16th May 2016Could Saudi Arabia allow cinemas
15th May 2016Saudi Arabia/Iran in Hajj stalemate
15th May 2016Saudi Arabia downgraded a little by Moody
15th May 2016US Secretary of State John Kerry on visit to Saudi Arabia
11th May 2016Vision 2030; Saudi Arabia's future
11th May 2016Saudi Arabia set to increase oil production
10th May 2016King Salman's impact on the Kingdom's policies
10th May 2016Saudi Aramco's plans
9th May 2016Eight policemen killed south of Cairo
9th May 2016Indian maid dies after alleged abuse by her Saudi employer
9th May 2016Saudi Cabinet Reshuffle and Prince Mohammad bin Salman
5th May 2016UK Parliamentary committee doubts Saudi commitment to human rights
5th May 2016Saudi Arabia attempts to boost reputation in Canada
4th May 2016UK denial of breach of international law in Yemen disputed
3rd May 2016Saudi workers torch buses in protest at lay-offs
3rd May 2016Saudi women to have copy of marriage contracts
3rd May 2016Saudi Arabia denies threat to withdraw US investments
2nd May 2016$2 trillion valuation of Saudi Aramc could be an underestimate
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