Latest News November 2014

19th November 2014Terrorist attacks on the increase
19th November 2014Saudi Arabian concerns over ISIS
19th November 2014Saudi Arabia calls for Gulf solidarity
18th November 2014Killer of BBC cameraman sentenced to death
18th November 2014Chaos in Libya
18th November 2014Saudi Minister to seek US help to strengthen National Guard
18th November 2014The succssion in Saudi Arabia
16th November 2014US General claims tide is turning against IS
16th November 2014Saudi Arabia is top of IS target list
16th November 2014IS beheads US aid worker
13th November 2014FIFA clears Qatar but criticises English FA
13th November 2014No oil price war, says Saudi oil minister
12th November 2014Russia to build nuclear reactors for Iran
12th November 2014Further outrage over Tony Blair's abuse of power and prvilege
11th November 2014Blair's covert business dealings
11th November 2014Saudi concerns over Yemen
11th November 2014Why is Saudi Arabia cutting its oil price?
10th November 2014President Obama's "new phase" against IS
10th November 2014Blair's oil promotion deal with Saudis
8th November 2014Obama sends another 1,500 troops to Iraq
8th November 2014Fateful decision of Sir Lancelot Oliphant
8th November 2014Saudi ban on women driving could be eased
7th November 2014Tensions rise around the Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem
7th November 2014Sunni/Shia tensions in Saudi Arabia
7th November 2014Citibank report on the future of the oil industry
5th November 2014Oil price hits three year low
5th November 2014Nine die in Saudi gun battles
4th November 2014Libyan trainee soldiers on rape charges in Cambridge
4th November 2014Oil price falls as Opec price war gains momentum
4th November 2014Five killed in Shi'ite mosque in Saudi Eastern Region
1st November 2014Saudi pressure on UK to brand Muslim Brotherhood terrorists
1st November 2014Prominent women's rights campaigner arrested
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