Latest News July 2016

27th July 2016Pressure in UK for investigation into Saudi-led airstrikes in Yemen
24th July 2016Tentative criticism of Saudi 'guardianship' laws
24th July 2016Saudi PR machine closes down on 9/11 controversy
22nd July 2016US Embassy in Jeddah issues terrorist warning
22nd July 2016Saudi executions already top 100 this year
22nd July 2016UK denies any assessment of Saudi targeting of Yemeni civilians
19th July 2016Saudi Arabia plans world's largest VLCC fleet
18th July 2016Saudis detain Turkish military attache
18th July 2016Human Rights Watch criticises Saudi Guardianship system
15th July 2016Classified report on 9/11 to be made public
15th July 2016What is Saudi Arabia doing to increase the oil price
15th July 2016Saudi Arabia asked to prove it should not be blacklisted
7th July 2016Tensions in Saudi Arabia
6th July 2016US oil reserves are the largest in the world
6th July 2016Saudi Arabia: Three suicide attakcs in one say
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