7th June 2003 - Identities of 12 responsible for Riyadh explosions announced

Riyadh, 7th June 2003

An official source at the Interior Ministry today disclosed that twelve persons have been identified among those responsible for the three explosions at residential compounds in Riyadh (in Hamra, Ashbilia and Veniel).

The announcement follows intensive investigations, including the examination of ‘DNA’ samples from the burnt corpses of culprits found at the sites and comparison of the samples with those of suspects’ relatives.

The identities of the 12 culprits are as follows: Khaled Mohammad bin Muslim Al-Arawi Al-Juhani; Mohammed Othman Abdullah Al-Walidi Al-Shehri; Hani Saeed Ahmad Al Abdul-Karim Al-Ghamdi; Jubran Ali Ahmad Hakami Khabrani; Khaled bin Ibrahim Mahmoud Baghdadi; Mehmas bin Mohammed Mehmas Al-Hawashleh Al-Dosari; Mohammed bin Shadhaf Ali Al-Mahzoum Al-Shehri; Hazem Mohammed Saeed Kashmiri; Majed Abdullah Sa'ad bin Okail; Bandar bin Abdul-Rahman Menawer Al-Rahimi Al-Mutairi; Abdul-Karim Mohammed Jubran Yazji, and Abdullah Farres bin Jufain Al-Rahimi Al-Mutairi.

On Saturday 23 Rabi Al-Awal 1424H, Saudi authorities discovered two bags that contained highly explosive materials in the form of 132 rectangular moulds that weighed 128.4 kilograms.

the source said that investigations are still in progress, and any further findings will be disclosed in due course.

Source: SPA


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