7th May 2003 - Saudi security authorities abort attempted terrorist attack

Riyadh, 7th May 2003

An official source at the Interior Ministry announced that Saudi security authorities foiled plans by suspected terrorists to carry out attacks in the Kingdom.

“At 5:00pm on Tuesday 6 May, 2003, Saudi security authorities seized a large cache of weapons, explosives and munitions which were going to be used to carry out terrorist attacks while they were searching for suspects relating to the explosion in east Riyadh on Tuesday 18 March 2003 (15.1.1424),” the official source said.

“When some of these suspects, who used to frequent a house in Eshbiliah Quarter, east of Riyadh, were chased by the security officials, they fired shots at them and tried to flee. When their vehicle would not start, they took a citizen’s car by force. They later abandoned the car in a neighbouring quarter, and disappeared into a densely populated area.”

Inspection operations carried out by security officials led to the seizure of 55 hand bombs, ammunition, travel documents, identity cards, notebooks, bulletins, SR253,717, and $5,300. When the house from which the suspects fled was searched, the security officials found five large bags filled with 377 kilograms of explosives, four machine guns with three boxes containing approximately 2,250 bullets and other ammunition, five computers, and a number of telecommunications devices. A car containing three machine guns, numerous masks, and other items, was found in the courtyard of the house.

The terrorists who were planning to carry out subversive activities include the following Saudi citizens: Turki Mishal Al-Dandani; Ali Abdulrahman Saeed Al-Fag’asi Al-Ghamidi; Khalid Mohammed Musallam Al-Juhani; Salih Mohammed Awadallah Al-Alawi Al-Aufi; Abdulaziz Eisa Abdul Muhsin Al-Migrim; Abdel-Karim Mohammed Jabran Al-Yaziji; Hani Saeed Ahmed Abdel-Karim Al-Ghamidi; Mohammed Othman Abdullah Al-Waleedi Al-Shihri; Rakan Muhsin Mohammed Al-Sikhan; Yousef Salih Fahd Al-Ayeiri; Othman Hadi Makboul Al-Mardi Al-Amri; Bandar Abdulrahman Salim Al-Ghamidi; Ahmed Nasser Abdullah Al-Dakheel; Hamad Fahd Abdullah Al-Aslami Al-Shammari; Faisal Abdulrahman Abdullah Al-Dakheel; Sultan Jabran Sultan Al-Qahtani, and Jabran Ali Hakami. Abdel-Rahman Mansour Jubara, of Iraqi origin, and holder of Kuwaiti and Canadian passports, and Khalid Ali Ali Haj, a Yemeni, were also found to be involved.

Other names will be announced when appropriate.

The source urged citizens, and relatives of these wanted persons, or anyone who may have relevant information, immediately to report to security authorities via telephone number 800 1247770, or to their nearest security offices. The official source warned that anyone found to be sheltering these suspects will be punished accordingly.

Source: SPA


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