25th February 2004 - GOTEVOT, BAE Systems to promote development of occupational skills

Riyadh, 25th February 2004
The General Organization for Technical Education and Vocational Training (GOTEVOT) has joined forces with BAE Systems to overhaul development of occupational skills in support of the government’s policy of Saudization. BAE Systems will contribute SR20 million to the project, Arab News reported today.

“This is a Saudi government initiative that we applaud,” said Mike Wallace, Director of Economic Development at BAE Systems.

The project, already in its second phase, will be managed by GOTEVOT in partnership with BAE Systems. BAE Systems provides administrative assistance to GOTEVOT and access to international resources, in addition to funding. It provided SR11 million to the first phase of the project.

In addition to being responsible for the vocational training of 64,000 students, GOTEVOT will be able to increase its capacity by 10,400 students per year.

According to Wallace, the project targets the completion of 125 national occupational skills standards; it also seeks to develop 200 training packages for technology colleges, 400 for secondary technical institutes, and 200 for vocational training centres. In addition, GOTEVOT will develop a national occupational licensing system.

Source: SPA


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